Hi, my name is Mark. I’m a former scientist, but lifelong STEM Geek!

I’ve always enjoyed pairing new – yet similar – things together. Mixing two sauces to create an entirely new flavor, mixing two chemicals to create a brand-new moelcule, or simply combining different foods to create a unique experience.

This is what I love about sake! Every time I open a bottle, I’m reminded of how something so simple, centuries old, and so culturally significant can have so much personality. But who would’ve expected a self-proclaimed science geek and tech enthusiast to be so fascinated by a drink so rich in history?

Mark Coster - Sake Sensei

Since sake has such a long history and is so prevalent in Japan, I love that there is SO MUCH to learn about this drink.

SakeSensei is a website I have created to document what I learn along the path from complete sake beginner to… slightly more informed sake beginner! 🙂